Thursday, 17 May 2018

Diving Ospreys !

17 May - An evening visit to Horn Mill Trout Farm at Rutland, where a photo hide is sited specifically for close views of diving Ospreys. It's an adrenaline fuel led session - waiting for the dive, which may be a long time coming, and we were fortunate to get 4 dives from 2 different Ospreys, and in fairly good light. The technique is to focus on the bird when it enters the water, as it is semi-submerged for a second or so and then flaps off with a fish, spray flying as the bird lifts off. I got some satisfactory results which is a relief...... en route, I had an hour to spare at Egleton reserve and saw Peregrine (mobbed by 1 of 3 Hobbies) and an Osprey, along with migrant Ringed Plovers, Turnstones and Dunlin, as well as breeding Lapwings and Terns.

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