Friday, 6 July 2018

Atlantic Seabirds

2-6 July - A couple of days off Portugal with Windbirds (off Madeira) and excellent views of some special seabirds - many Cory's and Bulwer's Shearwaters, giving close views, but the real special bird in this area is the Desertas/Zino's Petrel complex (Pterodroma). We had a few close sightings, all fairly brief, but always with the characteristic looping rapid flight and the arrow like profile. Telling these 2 rare species apart requires assessment of the bill size/profile, as well as size, wing shape and flight "jizz". Photography of seabirds is always a challenge but we got reasonable shots of most individuals, and with the expertise of Bob Flood we are assessing sightings as to either Desertas (sev hundred pairs) or Zino's (less than 100) pairs, both sought after and charismatic species. An excellent trip.

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